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This is a comprehensive list of courses offered over the last several semesters divided by area. Not all courses are offered every semester or every year. Students need to plan accordingly and should consult with their academic advisor when selecting courses. For detailed course descriptions, follow the individual course link.

For current offerings, please see the Schedule of Classes

Technical Core Courses

ENTS 622: Introduction to Digital Communication Systems (3)
ENTS 640: Networks and Protocols I (3)
ENTS 641: Networks and Protocols II (3)

Wireless Selector Courses:
ENTS 653: AWS/PCS System Implementation (3)
ENTS 656: Introduction to Cellular Communication Networks (3)
ENTS 657: Satellite Communication Systems (3)

Management Core Courses

ENTS 625: Management and Organizational Behavior in the Telecommunications Industry (3)
ENTS 630: The Economics of International Telecommunications Policy and Regulation (3)
ENTS 632: Telecommunications Marketing Management (3)
ENTS 635: Decision Support Methods for Telecommunications Managers (3)

Technical Elective Courses

ENTS 629A Special Topics in Cybersecurity: System Security (3)
ENTS 629B Special Topics in Cybersecurity: Cryptography and Network Security (3)
ENTS 629C Special Topics in Cybersecurity: Fundamentals of IT Systems Security (3)
ENTS 649A Special Topics in Networking: Optical Communication Networks (3)
ENTS 649B Special Topics in Networking: Cloud Computing (3)
ENTS 649C Special Topics in Networking: Internet of Things; Systems and Protocols (3)
ENTS 659A Special Topics in Communications: Wireless Communications System Design and Simulation (3)
ENTS 659B Special Topics in Communications: Microwave Radio Communications Systems (3)
ENTS 659M Special Topics in Communications: Intelligent Wireless Technologies (3)
ENTS 669A Special Topics in Computing Systems: Embedded Systems (3)
ENTS 669B Special Topics in Computing Systems: Distributed Systems in a Virtual Environment (3)
ENTS 669D Special Topics in Computing Systems: Introduction to Machine Learning (3)
ENTS 689A Special Topics: Algorithms and Data Structures (3)
ENTS 689F Special Topics: Fundamentals of Wireless LANs (3)
ENTS 689G Special Topics: Design and Analysis of Communication Networks (3)
ENTS 689I Special Topics: Network Immunity (3)
ENTS 689L Special Topics: Cellular Network Infrastructure- Cell Site Design and Components (3)
ENTS 689N Special Topics: Network Programming (3)
ENTS 689V Special Topics: Voice over Internet Protocol (3)
ENTS 689W Special Topics: Short-range Wireless Systems (3)
ENTS 689X Special Topics: Information Systems Security Management (3)
ENTS 689Y Special Topics: Multimedia Communication over Networks (3)
ENTS 699A Independent Studies in Telecommunications: Advanced Seminar 3G and 4G (1)E
ENTS 699M Independent Studies in Telecommunications: Python Programming (1)
ENTS 699R Special Topics in Communications: Analytical Foundations of Telecommunications (1)
ENTS 749A Advanced Topics in Networking: Network Traffic and Application Performance Analysis (3)
ENTS 749B Advanced Topics in Networking: Software-Defined Networking (3)
ENTS 749C Advanced Topics in Networking: Vehicular Networks (3)
ENTS 749D Advanced Topics in Networking: Network Design and Configuration Lab (3)
ENTS 759A Advanced Topics in Communications: 3G/4G Wireless Networks and Systems (3)
ENTS 759B Advanced Topics in Communications: Wireless OFDM Systems (3)
ENTS 759C Advanced Topics in Communications: Optimization, Drivetesting, and Analysis of Modern Cellular Networks (3)
ENTS 759D Advanced Topics in Communications: Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Small Cells

Management Elective Courses

ENTS 631: Competitive Strategies and Public Policies in Telecommunications (3)
ENTS 670: Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship (3)
ENTS 672: The Global Economic Environment (3)
ENTS 673: Project Management for Telecommunications (3)
ENTS 689E Special Topics: Advanced Engineering Start Up Ventures (3)
ENTS 689K Special Topics: Telecommunications Entrepreneurial Practicum (3-6)