ECE Distinguished Colloquium Spring 2017 Series by Booz Allen Hamilton


Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building, Rm. 1110

March 31, 2017 | 3:30pm

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Distinguished Colloquium presented by Booz Allen Hamilton will take place on Friday, March 31, 2017 at 3:30pm. The topic is "Low-Energy and Flexible GPS Sensing Through Cloud Offloading" by Dr. Jie Lio, Principal Research with Microsoft Research-NExT.

ABSTRACT: Location-based services have become ubiquitous, thanks to sensors like GPS and RF receivers in our smart phones. However, the energy consumption of GPS receiving is a major bottleneck for long-term and frequent location sensing. In this talk, I will take a deep look into the GPS receiving pipeline and present our efforts on a cloud-offloading approach to GPS-based location sensing. The partitioning between device and cloud brings three kinds of benefits. First, we can reduce the device side energy consumption by orders of magnitude. Second, with the computation power in the cloud, we can achieve high sensitivity and make GPS receiver work in many indoor places. Finally, we can leverage opportunistic energy sources on the device side to reduce the amount of data to be transferred between device and cloud. The cloud-offloading architecture help push location sensing and tracking to the next tier of IoT devices.

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